About Dustin David

Dustin David stands on the edge of art, style, and fashion with his forward-thinking creativity. Dustin inspires others to cultivate and create their own individuality and style, through his decades of expertise in the hair industry. His passion has skyrocketed him onto pages of high fashion and hair design magazines, as a beauty expert and editorial stylist. His signature style brings a unique look, aspired to be captured by photographers, sculptures, artists, as well as producers of film and television. Dustin’s dedication and passion for the arts and education help to support many non-profit organizations, bringing awareness to its communities. His character and charm are often sought out for public speaking engagements, ranging from community events, officiating weddings, business workshops and more. As one of the top hair artists in the country, Dustin employs over 20 of the most dedicated hair stylists in a team based salon in the heart of Los Gatos, CA, at Dustin David Salon. He espouses a culture of high standards in customer service, and quality in hair services and products, through teaching and mentoring each of his stylists.

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